Pat “The Outlaw”
Weekdays, 3p-7p

While taking a communication class his freshman year in a Las Vegas High School PAT GARRET realized this is what he was going to do the rest of his life. By the end of his freshman year, he landed his first radio job playing the hits at Disco 123 KLAV. 20+ years later he’s still spinning the hits! Pat “The Outlaw” believes “There’s nothing like being on the air, saying something that makes people laugh, requesting a donation from our listeners for someone in need or giving away a fancy prize”. it truly is the greatest feeling in the world” He even says,“he’s so lucky that he gets to do this for a living!” Pat has worked radio in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Utah, and Seattle. He’s worked several formats from Disco to Big Band, Urban, Top 40 Elevator music and Country. Safe to say, he loves them all!

10 Questions with “The Outlaw”
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Candy: Chocolate
When I’m NOT “On The Air” I…: I love to boat!
Most Embarrassing Moment: Are you kidding me? I never get embarrassed. But if you take the “em” off of that…
Favorite Movie: The Green Mile
Favorite Actor: None. They’re all fake
Favorite Color: GREEN
Pet Peeve: People who sit in my chair
Favorite Country Artist: Garth
If I weren’t a DJ: I would be a commercial fisherman
How did you get into radio: I didn’t… it got into me!